The Central Valley of Costa Rica.

Absolute tranquility - fantastic views - pure nature and everlasting spring temps


Name:Equis Ranch (Finca Equis)

Age of the ranch: More than 65 years
Developed: 2011

Land: 5,005 - 5,118 m2 (1.24 - 1.27 acres)

Altitude: 1,500m NN (4,900 ft.)
Taxes: ca. 70 US$ p.a.
Temps: 77°F day / 65°F night
View: panoramic view over whole Central (High) Valley, the volcanoes, San José and tropical landscape

Extras: Lush tropical vegetation, lot of fruit trees, immense variation of animals, own potable water from several streams (fantastic quality, lab tested), two nice creeks with cascades and waterfalls

Entrance with electric gate and access control, road (asphalt), bridge with patio and seating area (view to cascades): all brand new.

Electricity, Phone lines and internet (DSL) at the entrance.

Illustration Finca
A very simple illustration from the finca for a quick overview. The properties are splitted from our 17+ acres (7+ hectares) ranch.
Entrance, gate, bridge, road, sitting and BBQ area beside cascades and waterfalls - and also the Ocelot playground - all this is real.
Horses  Bach Mena

Horses from neighbor            One of two creeks
This amazing lot/s overlooking a small village, every one is perfect for building a nice home. The immediate neighbors are Americans, Canadians and Europeans.
It was originally a part of a larger finca from which we have splitted some properties, because the finca was simply too big for us.

Stage 1 lots (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) are all sold.

Stage 2 (second and last stage) lots are available now.

Relevant restrictions in this area are:
- min. 15 meters construction distance to creek/s
- min. 3 meters construction distance to property borders
- max. three stories
- max. 70% construction - for example: 5,000 sqm lot -> max. 3,500 sqm construction (should be more than enough...)

No time limit for construction.

No HOA, security or community fees.

The property lies in the mountains in the south of San José, completely surrounded by green areas and offers an amazing panoramic view of the entire High valley, San José and the volcanos in the background.

It is appropriately located at 4,500 ft. altitude and offers everlasting spring temperatures. Temperature varies from 77° F during the day, and at night about 65 °F. A cost-intensive air-conditioning system is therefore unneccesary.  An interesting fact is that  the property lies on the southern side of the high-valley, therefore you can enjoy the view of the distant volcanoes and not be  bothered by them.

Electricity, water, phone and internet already exist in the property entrance, the entrance to the property was just completed with asphalt and an automatic gate. Phone-flatrates to the States and Europe are cheap incl. high speed internet (around 24 US$ per month).

Excellent cell phone coverage incl. 3G/UMTS/EDGE/HSDPA internet.

The inclination and view in average is exactly or very similar to our property where we live now, for your imagination:

For further information please contact us: +506-4001-5311    or via mail.

Interactive flash panorama, taken from the ranch. Please use your mouse to zoom, move and to display the informations.


Tor und Eingang
Main entrance. Electric gate with access control via remotes and/or keypad with code

All properties with access to potable water, some with creeks, cascades and waterfalls. Water was lab-tested - excellent quality.

On the property there is tropical and semitropical vegetation, along with fruit plants such as bananas, mangos, papayas, water apples, limes, oranges, tangerines, coffee and macadamias. Ideal for self-caterers.

The branches of the trees partially bend from the color-splendid bromelias, many heliconias grow in the stream courses. Here you see gigantic gum trees, lianas, bamboo, orchids and many other tropical plants.

The new bridge with approx. 120 tons net load. Background: Sitting and BBQ area with view to cascades. In this area we planted already palm trees, orchids, heliconias and other plants (not shown in this picture). Sitting and BBQ area is a part of our "public" area and can be used by every owner of the properties.

Small cypress wood, two creeks with drinking water (lab tested) and small cascades run in the property. You drive beside a small cascade when you pass the entrance of the property.

Beside and behind the property lie the mountains of the southern high valley and some big fincas. One can walk there for hours and for days, it is ideal for mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and of course great nature observing. The distance from property to Pacific Ocean with its nice beaches is approx. 30 miles by a very nice graveled road, ideal for hiking, biking and riding. Of course, the fantastic landscape can be enjoyed also by car.

For the nature lover we have seen eagles, falcons, parakeets, hummingbirds, sloths, armadillos, coaties, hares and deer up to the rare, often hidden ocelots; you may observe countless other animals. Even the legendary Quetzal lives here.


Waterfall No. 3 - approx. 30ft. below the new bridge

Distances in driving minutes:
- San José - approx. 15 minutes
- Escazu - approx. 25 minutes
- San Pedro and Curridabat - 20 minutes
- Famous schools and the two top clinics of Costa Rica - approx. 20 minutes
- International airport: approx. 45 minutes
- Shopping-Malls: approx. 10 minutes
- An mom-and-pop store is in the little village, only 300 meters away
- Dream beaches of the central Pacific: approx. 1.25 hours
- Dream beaches of the Caribbean: approx. 1.50 hours

Sitting and BBQ area with view to cascades and Ocelot playground. The fountain delivers potable water in excellent quality.

The splitted properties of the Finca have all qualities mentioned above but differ in each case slightly in the size.

Owner financing available - contract period up to 10 years.

Phase 1:

Property No. 1 - 5,000m2 - 1.24 acres - Jun 2012 - sold
Specifications: very nice but limited panoramic view

Property No. 2 - 5,091m2 - 1.26 acres - Dec 2012 - sold
Specifications: very nice panoramic view, fruit trees, waterfall and cascades

Property No. 3 - 7,287m2 - 1.80 acres - Jan 2012 - sold
Specifications: panoramic view, cascades

Property No. 4 - 7,200m2 - 1.78 acres - Oct 2011 - sold
Specifications: panoramic view, cascades

Property No. 5 - 5,111m2 - 1.26 acres - Nov 2012 - sold
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water

Property No. 6 - 5,210m2 - 1.29 acres - Oct 2012 - sold
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water

Phase 2:

Property No. 7 - 5,071m2 - 1.25 acres - $25,900 -
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water

Property No. 8 - 5,092m2 - 1.26 acres - $25,900 -
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water

Property No. 9 - 5,011m2 - 1.24 acres - $25,900
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water

Property No. 10 - 5,005m2 - 1.24 acres - $25,900
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water, cascades

Property No. 11 - 5,011m2 - 1.24 acres - $25,900 - 

Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water, cascades

Property No. 12 - 5,118m2 - 1.26 acres - $26,500
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water, cascades -

Property No. 13 - 5,099m2 - 1.26 acres - $26,000
Specifications: excellent panoramic view, water, cascades

Owner financing for all properties available. Down payment approx. 50% with rest $10,000.
Example: 10 years (120 monthly payments)  $129 per month.
Please note: Monthly payments already incl. - Interest rate 9.8% p.a.
Building place5
A small part of a construction place (lot #1)

Please budget an extra 800 US $ (approx.) for legal purchase costs. Up to 50% of the sale price could be financed by us (see above). The annual (yes, annual!) real estate tax moves with approx. 70 US $. All properties are free and clear and ready for constructing.

Most of them have several semi-level and level parts for easy building.

If you would like to construct on your property, here is a information for your calculation. Count on building cost approx. 500 US$ per sq/m with medium construction quality, with 800 US$ / sq/m you're in the deluxe sphere. Costly and cost-intensive glazings, isolations and heating systems are not necessary here of course.

Although electricity, phone / internet and water exists, we personally and our new neighbors (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #11) will install for our houses a hybrid system photovoltaik / mini hydro power which guarantees an autonomous energy supply. Besides: the solar radiation in Costa Rica is very high, so that a relatively small layout is enough.

Building place6
Another construcion place (lot #4)

We invite you to investigate further offerings, you will find out that the pricing of the property for the fantastic location is properly held at a serious and moderate level. Therefore, the prices are not negociable.

For further information please contact us.

Waterfall No. 1 on lot #2

Example of Cadastral land register of property no. 5 (sold) - ready to construct and/or to split

Map from all properties, please note: properties #1 to #8 and #11 are sold, some are currently reserved.

Equis GPS
Aerial view

night view lot 4
Night view from lot 4 - This is the whole Central Valley with San José in the middle and several volcanoes in the background (view from lots 5 to 13 is better, of course)

Night view lot 2
 Night view from lot #2 (volcanoes in the background not visible due to lots of clouds)